Paper Wrap

Paper Wrap

Introducing our kitchen champions a sustainable way of food wrapping for their everyday meals. Foilplus has designed a fine quality Paper Wrap to keep your food fresh and firm. Made with premium quality material, they are even used as Butter Paper for pristinely baking your pizzas, cookies, and cakes. It prevents baked food items such as bread and cakes from breaking, contaminating, or sticking to the pan. It helps to retain the shape of the baked item as it does not stick to the pan. They are reusable item materials that may also be extracted or removed once the item is baked. This high-quality paper wrap keeps the food fresh, safe, ensures hygiene for a longer duration. 

Foilplus has creatively outlined this amazing product for both commercial and personal use. It is widely used at homes, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, local fast-food centers, and takeaway eateries. 

We offer a broad range of paper wraps for various purposes such as wrapping dry food items like chapatis, parathas, burgers, and sandwiches. It is one of the best choices to carry food to offices, schools, or while traveling. It is a must-have item for your eating needs.



  • A multipurpose product
  • Eco-friendly
  • Freezer & Microwave oven safe
  • Hassle-free baking 
  • Balance the moisture
  • Curb the food from getting mushy and sticky
  • Hygienic & recyclable
  • Offer secure and cost-effective packaging 

Contact Foilplus to avail this phenomenal product at the best market prices. 


Why Choose Foilplus paper wrap?

We are in the food packaging manufacturing and supplying the industry for more than 10 years. Foilplus brings you the supreme quality of paper wraps that are non-stick, grease-proof, and make cleaning very easy after cooking. What makes us more appealing is our offering at reasonable prices without compromising on the performance and quality. Available in various options such as anti-curl, greaseproof, they keep the food items in a presentable manner. We are widely recognized in terms of durability and performance.


5 reasons to handpick us

  • Fastest growing brand
  • Produce 100% recyclable products
  • Prefer customer’s welfare & hygiene
  • Add value to your food brand
  • Focuses on quality & performance 

What customer demands? Sustainability and Reliability. We stand out from our competitors in terms of delivery, performance, and durability. Foilplus braces your cuisine brand and promotes your business in the market. Our branded packaging paper wrap accelerates your product performance. Give us a chance to realize your wrapping essentials and encourage your brand performance.